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UBH Hall of Fame

UBHRFC Captains 

Appointed and Elected Captains

1946-1971 Unknown
1972-1973 Tony John and Chris Adlam
1974-1996 Unknown
1997-1998 Tom Leslie and Robin Pullen
1998-1999 Iain Hathorn and Simon Hill

1999-2000 Ben Jordan and Paul Bevis
2000-2001 Willoughby Morgan and Padraic O’Brien
2001-2002 Edd Carlton and Tom Daicon
2002-2003 Dan Bromage and Chris Wilkinson
2003-2004 Mike Adlam and Mark Piper
2004-2005 George Barrett and Peter Steed
2005-2006 Peter Indoe and James Bowes
2006-2007 Tim Godfrey and Ben Tichler
2007-2008 Eoin Dinnen and Damien Smith
2008-2009 Ben Pugh and Joe Walsgrove
2009-2010 Fraser Birse and Charlie Finan
2010-2011 Felix Gooding and Mike Murphy
2011-2012 Rob Gill and Josh Howard
2012-2013 Geraint Phillips and Ian Harrowell
2013-2014 Tom Edwards and Tom Geddes
2014-2015 Andrew Lowdon and Paris Halkes-Welstead
2015-2016 Joe Winterton and Stuart Roney
2016-2017 Fergus Wood and Edward McKee
2017-2018 Clement Stratford and Henry Willis 
2018-2019 Thomas Davies and Clement Stratford

2019-2020 Henry Willis and Callum Craig

2020-2020+1 Max Clark and Matthew Moran

2020+1-2022 Max Clark and Matthew Moran and Ben Hawkins

2022-2023 Jonny Lorimer and Harry Kilcommons and Marcus Teo

2023-2024 Sam Osborne and Sam Cornell



Chairmen of the UBH

1946-1971 Unknown

1972-1973 Brian Halvorsen
1974-2012 Unknown
2013-2014 Andrew Yarlett

2014-2015 Andrew Yarlett
2015-2016 Curtis Wright

2016-2017 Johnny Cann
2017-2018 Fergus Wood

2018-2019 William Mepham

2019-2020 Harry Searle

2020-2020+1 Fergus McNeile

2020+1-2022 Fergus McNeile

2022-2023 John McDonald

2023-2024 Marcus Teo

UBHRFC 2nd XV Captains

Captains and Vice Captains of the 2nd XV

2017-2018 Harry Searle and Joe Robertshaw
2018-2019 Callum Craig and Will Kane

2019-2020 Ben Hawkins and Alfie Baker

2020-2020+1 Sam Fouladi, Marcus Teo & Harry Kilcommons

2020+1-2022 Sam Fouladi, Marcus Teo & Harry Kilcommons

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